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Welcome to the Region 6 Awards portal. You will use this to submit all nominations to your Section in Region 6.

The nomination deadline for the Section Awards for both the completed nomination form and two endorsements for nominations of individuals has been extended to Monday  May 22, 2017 at 11pm in the Pacific timezone.

Please note:  This Awards portal is not automatically connected to your IEEE Account and password.  You will need to create an account to submit your nomination. (Your created account may reuse your IEEE login credentials if you wish)

In addition to the completed nomination form, two other IEEE members must separately submit a letter of endorsement through this portal for the nomination of individuals.  These endorsement MUST be submitted before the deadline and then the Nominator must press the SUBMIT Button to make the nomination complete.

Before beginning the nomination forms, please review the following:

Nominator guidelines and eligibility requirements:
  1. No individuals may nominate themselves.
  2. Neither an Awards Chair, nor a Section Chair acting as an awards chair may be nominated for a Section or Region award as an individual. The exceptions are Special Section Chair’s awards and Section Region Director’s awards.
  3. Neither an Awards Chair, nor a Section Chair acting as an awards chair may submit nominations or letters of recommendation.
  4. Members of any awards committee that has voting power on awards may not submit nominations or letters of recommendation.
The important exception is that to nominate one's own Section, the Section Chair and all of the officers must participate in writing the material. If the Section Chair wants to be the one submitting the nomination for the Best Section award, then he or she must use a different email address than their login as a Reviewer. Alternately another person can be the nominator for the Section. Often it is the Secretary that is the nominator but there is no rule.

Award categories, descriptions, and criteria for judging. Please read this on the Region 6 website awards tab before submitting anything.
and also

Nominee's Contact Information   This is necessary even for a company or OU so we may present or mail the award
Nominee's Name or contact person's name *
Nominee's IEEE Member number if this nomination is for an individual and for an IEEE member
Nominee's Section
Nominee's City, State
Nominee's daytime phone number or for the contact person
Nominee's evening phone number or for the contact person
Nominee's email address or for the contact person